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South African singer Mariska [Mariska Reynders], was born in Bloemfontein on 27th July 1993. She spent most of her childhood living on a game farm in the Sabi Sand near Hoedspruit, Limpopo. From a very young age she has shown a great interest in music.

She use to enjoy entertaining her family and friends by singing all her favorite songs when they visited. Her love for classical music started to developed at the age of five and she began to take piano, guitar and violin classes. During her school years she won several awards from Eistedfod competitions.

Mariska, is currently busy with her final year of her music degree at Campus of Performing Arts, after which she will be receiving a Nasional Diploma in music as well as a BMus Honors from the University of Chichester.

She recorded her first demo album in 2011 “Reënboog Hart” which consists of 15 original Afrikaans songs specially written for her by Anton Botha, and also included two music videos “Reënboog Hart” and “Alles vir Liefde” Her second demo album was recorded in 2012 and the brilliant music video “Soet Soos Suiker” followed. Brian Webber, as director and Paul Kruger from Hartiwood Films, as producer [they were also the director and producer s of the movie “Liefling die Movie”] was the creative team of the video “Soet Soos Suiker”, which consist of excellent special effects, and interesting underwater videography, a first for South African music videos.

Mariska featured as a guest on several television programs: DKNT, Jukebox, Hectic 99, Sunrise, E-news and Jakkals & Jol and her singles “Vrede” “Soet Soos Suiker” “Reenbooghart” and “Alles Vir Liefde” is currently playing on more than 25 radio-stations in South Africa.

Her debut album will be released in 2017 and will consist of original Afrikaans and English songs written by top songwriters Johan Oberholzer, Rudi Claase, and Vaughan Gardener. Marcus Frenel, a songwriter from Swede also wrote four songs for this album. Mariska can do any style but prefer “classic – pop” crossover.

A must for ENYA fans! Get Mariska’s newest release “A Tribute to Enya” which is currently available on ITunes. This album consist of 10 ENYA hits.

Mariska’s first single VREDE, written and produced by Rudi Claase, is also available on ITunes. Mariska’s motto is: Dream Big! Work Hard! Stay Humble! Believe in yourselves! Everything is possible if you believe and put God first in your life.